A certain age

I can’t believe how much a simple chat with a friend can cheer one up.

If you are a certain age you will get most of these references (the alphabet in pix). 

Now people want my tapioca recipe. This is terrible, because I don’t have one.  I just stand there stirring, and staring dreamily off into space, thinking about cabana boys.

I have started on the first season of House.

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7 thoughts on “A certain age”

  1. Regarding House – I will be most interested in your reaction to the series. Hugh Laurie is a chameleon, scarcely recognizable from his earlier Jeeves and Wooster gig. but delicious!

  2. I surrender. Your tapioca is far superior to mine, even if I did use pure organic vanilla and half-and-half-and-half.

  3. Surrender is not required. But man, did I have to stir a lot to get that going. I need a double boiler.

  4. I should check the cupboards to see if I still have mine. I suspect one of the daughters may have it, though.

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