home again home again

I will mention with great brevity how the return trip was fourteen different shades of dark horrible in terms of discomfort (but not safety or efficacy) and then mention that in practical terms, I have to spend today with my feet up. I didn’t get swelling of the ankles like this during a summer pregnancy in Toronto; I can barely get into the most comfy shoes I have. Since nothing else has happened to me except my return, I’ll leave it at that. I’ll post pics once I crop the best ones.

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  1. After you were on your way Jeff mentioned that the toilets were clogged and unusable on his trip to Mexico a few years ago. I wonder if that was one of your fourteen shades of dark horrible. I have plans at this point to make one short trip to Saskatchewan next summer, and then that’s IT for getting on a plane for me.

    I’m glad you’re back. Missed your daily blogs but was assured at least of your continued existence on this mortal plane by your occasional entries. The holiday seems to have been – largely – glorious. Hope the pictures make their appearance soon.

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