3 thoughts on “Scary stuff”

  1. My comment: why was there no listing of Presbyterian churches? Why paint bull’s-eyes only on mosques?

    Tom Lehrer has comments for all situations, doesn’t he.

    Welcome back to consensual reality.

  2. I dunno…. maybe it has something to do with how a smaller percentage of Presbyterian churches have ministers who, while speaking a non-official language, call for the destruction of the countries they are located in and mention God’s Own Hall Pass for faithful who assist in the project? We’ve had reports of that in Canada, and I’ve read reports of such matters in England as being almost routine. Christian ministers generally don’t do advocate mass slaughter, being most interested in gays and abortion clinics, which is sort of more piecemeal.

    That said, I was a little startled by the bullseye, but given how subject to being bombed by the white power folks such locales would be, it’s maybe good to know the places you should stay a couple of blocks from.

  3. One would think that Muslims in general might have sought to distance themselves from the extremists. Well, Christianity didn’t distance itself from the mentally challenged statements the likes of Pat Robertson made from the pulpit after 9/11 – at least no branch of it that I know about. So that leaves my first sentence hanging in air clearly empty of people who think.

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