5 thoughts on “Master Tom has been here….”

  1. photo? painting? photopainting?

    Whichever, it is breathtaking. As I was saying, just flying over Arizona is breathtaking. You can see what Georgia O’Keefe saw in it and why she kept going back there all those years.

  2. It ain’t easy being me…. all of my friends are world class, and I’m not. Tom is one of those ludicrous, only in fiction individuals who can do just about anything. In the seven or so years I worked with him his emails contained perhaps two typos; he can cook just about anything, design power electronics, take breathtaking photos, as shown above (and I got a 90 minute slideshow of more of the same last night, from which I am still reeling), design and build cabinetry and furniture (which I have seen and which is eyepopping) while being a only mildly crabby and introverted extremely nice person with an entirely evil sense of humour. He’s even forgiven me for the planet sized crush on him which I had for years and which is still mildly humourous to me – and he continues to see me. We ate at the Himalaya, by the way, I couldn’t deal with the notion of cooking.

    Anyway, he uses a Canon D series digital SLR, I can’t remember which one, and he’s the guy what will sit like a cat at a mousehole for the light to be perfect….

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