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This morning, Miriam funnelling Bloody Marys into Katie at Las Carambolas, our favourite bar at the resort (I stuck with beer). Last night, lightning flashes in the distance around 1 am when we emerged from the disco.  A night heron who posed for us, but who, when we first saw him, appeared to be mesmerised by the music coming out of the disco (he was actually using the lights to hunt crabs).  I walked up to him slowly and he ran like the hammers for the water but did not consider taking off.  Then he came back and eyed the moths longingly. 

Walking in the waves with the brilliant stars overhead speculating on when the next nova that will be visible in the daytime will occur.  Then a DAMNED BIG COCKROACH.  Outside.  And proud as anything; she scarcely moved when I tapped the railing next to her.

This morning, we called for the big lizard (about an 8 inch body), who greeted us every morning for three days and then inexplicably vanished – and there he was, running along the path to say goodbye.  Katie finally catching a glimpse of the enormous hummingbirds.  A woodpecker in the palms.  Check out ludicrously easy and they gave me my change in American money, which, if you knew how f*****g hard it was yesterday to get enough US money together to leave the country, was as laughable as how painless the checkout was after the extended agony of my interactions with the front desk over the course of the last week.

Now I’m sitting in the internet cafe and I just forked over about 20 bucks for Katie to get braids.

Happy birthday to me.

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