The office is deserted.  Somebody just texted me that the batteries on his snowshoes are dead.  I skidded in to work this morning thinking – that’s funny, I can’t hear any buses!

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4 thoughts on “ANOTHER FOOT OF SNOW”

  1. So, Allegra, are you the only person who showed up in your department today??? I think the only weather conditions that would result in a “no work” today for the federal government are complete white out conditions or an extremely wicked ice storm. Considering we don’t get lake effect snow (good luck) BUT when we get an ice storm (maybe every 7 to 10 years) the power can be down for weeks at a time. I’m not saying the federal government is a bad employer, it’s just we are more geared to bad weather in Ottawa.

  2. The other guy who showed up is married to a girl from Winnipeg. Maybe he grew up in Tennessee but she sure as hell doesn’t cut him any slack.

  3. Maybe you will be awarded “Employee of the Month”. In Regina, Saskatchewan it was -50C with the windchill today! Where Spence worked in Sept Iles on helicopters it would get down to -66C without the windchill!

  4. Not a chance. Allegra is just expected to be there. That said, it was a pleasure to bond with the few employees who did show up.

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