Back before wordpress

…. I posted a pic of a fabricator which was leased by my employer.  Here’s a guy who makes sculptures you can download and spit out into a fabricator.


This is just SO BLOODY COOL.  scanged from

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3 thoughts on “Back before wordpress”

  1. Fabricators! – and they were first seen in SF. I am delighted to be living in science fiction.

  2. COOOOOOOLER YET is the fact that Robof9 may he be worshipped and adored SENT ONE OF THOSE NESTED TETRAHEDONS to the fabber, and it was still chugging away when I went home at five. And he gave me a bag of chocolate yesterday, can you believe it? My coworkers are teh awesome.

    Without SF, what would we know to do next?

  3. We would know. We would do the next thing. But our ideas for the next thing come more often from science fiction than from any other source, including (it should be needless to say) astrology. SF frames, influences, forms the future, and takes risks about being wrong. Nostradamus and Co. take no risks because of their studied ambiguity.

    I would love to watch a fabricator working. And yes, clearly your co-workers are awesome.

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