Incremental progress

Good news first, I have been asked to come in and talk to a recruiter this afternoon.  This is the closest I’ve gotten to genuine job hunting activity in months so I am obviously thrilled.

Bad news. I’ve lowered the price and still can’t get anybody interested in the cafe; I will have to break the lease.  HEAVY HEAVY SIGH.

Tarot for Atheists, a couple of hundred words’ worth of progress.

Turkey soup is on the stove – I will adjust seasoning shortly and then start freezing it in containers. Jeff can’t stand the smell of the bones, and has no idea how this sentence would have ended if I hadn’t backspaced over it.

Replaced cpap machine with one that smells a little less disgusting.  I must make a purchase decision within 2 weeks.

Completed writing down a song, converted it to midi and fired it off to mOm.  I only have another hundred songs to write out.  It really IS the Song That Never Ends.

Herewith today’s linkorama:

Crowdsourcing Tolstoy. 

This guy and guys like him are why I make no further efforts to date.

Fighting sexism… using MATH.

My cat wants an escape pod.

If you rape a girl and leave her naked outside in freezing weather, and you work for your family’s restaurant, and your local prosecutor despite eyewitnesses and video refuses to prosecute, and then the whole town turns on the rape victim and burns her house down, well, the internet just might give bad reviews to your restaurant.

Little yawning kitties.



How to do birthday candles in Binary

When candles are in short supply, or you don’t really want to have your age on your cake, here’s a neat dodge.

First, convert the birthday of the person to binary from decimal, using the handy converter above.

Second, light ONLY the candles showing as one.  So, for my last birthday (53) you put up 6 candles and light the first, second, fourth and sixth. 

I’m 35 in hex, by the way.



For some of my math geek buddies, here are some jokes.

Speaking of math geeks, I had a nice long call from LTGW last night.  He came perilously close to moving to California but decided to stay here and work on a business – a math related business, if you can believe it.  Then he described what he was doing and it sounds exhausting, creative and fun.  Then we traded bragging and complaining about our love lives and that’s probably enough specifics on that subject.

The parmesan herb bread turned out really really yummy, but the top of the loaf still hit the glass peephole at the top of the breadmaker, and I’m wondering just how little sugar I need to put in that recipe before it stops doing that.  It’s very irritating because that model of breadmaker does not have a removable lid, so cleaning it is a righteous pain.

Carrie and Tom are in town… I hope to see them tonight.

I played with Margot for about an hour last night.  That cat makes me laugh.  And she LOVES music.  She was attacking my laptop when I was playing something on it yesterday.

I get to interview one of the elders for church.  We’re having an “I’m not dead yet” program, where we talk to elders about their lives BEFORE they die, so we can appreciate them more fully and with less saying of things like, “Gosh, I wish I’d talked to him when he was still alive.”  I drew Denis, so I am very happy; Denis has one of the most beautiful and original speaking voices ever, and his passionate love affair with life and literature make him a good fit for me and that kind of work.

Jeff is back today.  Haunted House is now closer to being functional at Gadget House.  Yup, that’s Jeff, leaving a trail of order and repair behind him.

Bob Dylan’s New Year’s Day is done

I have always been much more fond of the lyrics than the tune on this one, but I don’t mind. …. I remember the day I wrote it… on the subway, coming back on New Year’s Day from crashing at Dave’s the night before.  Toronto seems so very far away from me now.  And yet thither must I go.

The landpeers are power washing the back deck preparatory to painting it.

I had lunch at Himalayan Peak with Hardeep, Trevor, ScaryClown and Robof9 yesterday, and hung with the folks in the cafeteria after that.  LTGW encouraged me to go to the 4:24 showing of District 9, but I wanted to get home and make dinner.

and now for some math tattoos.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the future

This came out of the fabricator at work. I found the file on the internet, sent the link to me colleague, and we were getting rid of that toner anyway because it had been recycled too much, and here you go.  It is sitting on a dvd so you get some idea of the scale.  Robof9 made one for himself, too.  I had a long talk with the manager who ‘owns’ the fabber, and he allayed my fears as to my robbing the company – it was a trivial amount of toner and no big deal in terms of wear and tear on the machine.  The machine itself has saved the company a couple of hundred thousand dollars since we purchased it.dodecahedron.jpg
Me very very happy.

My flabs in zero g

Well, not exactly.

Smell for comfort. 

I may have posted this already, but it’s still funny.

V. cool pic of deep sea urchins.

Human reproduction sure can be odd. 

Will Allegra stop providing links to articles about the collapse of the Yankee dollar?  Sadly, no.

Math Song Finite Simple Group of Order Two.