Happy New Year

Well, that was a simply glorious evening. Mike and Heather turned up about 9:30 so we had an actual “There are more than two family molecules here” partay. I didn’t know and Jarmo didn’t either that both he and I had invited Mike – and Katie got into the action and got on the phone with him as well.
I got there about seven thirty, all choked because nothing was open so I could pick up more supplies. I watched a family game of Texas Hold’em, which I had never seen before. Kids arrived about half an hour later, and that’s when the trouble really started; we made the discovery that our hosts had Guitar Hero II and Dance Dance Revolution.

If the downstairs neighbour had been in (he’s a bouncer, so one can imagine how he was occupied last night) he’d have pounded every one of our heads in, seriatim. As it was I danced so much my back actually feels better today. Then Mike broke out the Guitar Hero III and the duels/cooperative mode play began! It was amazing watching Keith and Eric thrash out some SOS by the Police, and then he and Mike did Warpigs. THEN THE STANNOMANCY.




Below is all five of them – for the three of us. Keith and Katie both got twins! Keith’s were almost perfectly even and symmetrical – except one was a boy and one was a girl which you will note if you look closely at the top two – and Katie got a dragon and a whale – the bottom two. Mine’s the moon curve in the middle…

Below, Katie’s


Below mine, held by Katie to give you an idea of the size. It was the largest of the evening by a wide margin, which might or might not have had something to do with going last. Jarmo’s was the only one with ‘money’ in it.

Below, Keith and Mike play co-op on Warpigs.

And here’s Katie, wearing my 2008 as a Goth Tiara….

We took off about 1:30 – I drove the kids home and cleared the door of my apartment just after 2. Then I phoned Katie to say, “yes mom I’m home”.

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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Happy New Year! Wanted to have a closer look at Katie, but her picture won’t enlarge (the others do). The picture after Katie doesn’t show up at all.

    I was wondering if there is significance to the objects created in above pictures, i.e. like Taro cards?

  2. Funny you should mention it. I did readings for Jarmo, Susanna, Eric and Katie last night (I brought my deck).

  3. In trying to explain Stannomancy to a correspondent, I googled it. The only two references (after Google tried to shift me to other spellings with other meanings) were from Allegra’s Blog. So who invented it? You and Jarmo, last year??

  4. Stannomancy is kinda 2/3rds of the story. Solder is mostly tin with lead. So I could have called it plumbomancy but since it’s mostly tin I went with the latin word for tin, plus the latin word for augury. And yes, I’m the one that made the word up. I do toss the thousand sided dice!

  5. You do indeed. And now you need to toss a muse, a reverie, a homily even, on the subject of rituals. Perhaps the famous Parking Goddess paper could serve as a model.


    Couldn’t find the PARTICULAR Parking Goddess piece I wanted on Google but found the above item. It’s all right, but the image of the Parking Goddess for me will forever be a streaky black ceramic frog in a tutu.

    Rituals mean patterns. Patterns mean predictability. Predictability means – for some at least – comfort. I am definitely into comfort, physical and otherwise. The IDEA of ritual – especially a newborn one – enchants me, as long as it’s MY ritual and not externally imposed.

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