I came home last night

and Katie had cleaned my apartment.  Now she’s sleeping in again, and I’m about to head for work.

My back feels SO much better today.  I told Mike to buy me a massage table just like that and I’ll give him the money later.  It’s really well designed, holds 500 pounds and is comfy as all get out.

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4 thoughts on “I came home last night”

  1. Holy Cow, you’re daughter cleaned your apartment!!! Also, since having my arm, shoulder & back worked on, I have become sold on massage. Besides removing tight spots, it actually seems to have healing power — more than Physio even!! All you need NOW is an experienced and willing massage therapist (2 or 3 times a week) and I bet your back would be much improved. My work cover 10 sessions per year.

  2. This is all part of her being super hyper because she’s quitting smoking.

    Yeah, between the massage and having my apartment cleaned I had a smile on my face this morning you couldn’t take off with a tire iron.

  3. I will second Debbie’s comment. When I had a shoulder injury (from MVA #5 or was it #6 ?) anyway, I did not regain full shoulder mobility until I tried massage – and I had had months of physio, with the final pronouncement “You’re functional, this is as good as it will get.” Hah!

    Costco usually brings in a pretty skookum massage table each fall. That’s where Kenzie got hers.

  4. Katie cleaning your apartment – what a role reversal!

    And I have had a massage every two weeks for about 20 years. Figure it has contributed significantly to keeping me healthy and mobile.

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