4 thoughts on “I heart heart heart Bruce Schneier”

  1. A agree with Bruce. Let’s just say, I know a student is currently without an internet hookup and is able to use this much needed service until the appropriate service is installed. After flip-flopping on the issue myself, I now just leave my internet unsecured.

  2. This guy is a nut case. He is leaving his computer open to becoming a zombie, used as a porn server and filled with trojans and viruses. There is a big difference between being kind to people and painting a big target on your back.

  3. Do tell? I’m aware that there’s a difference but I’ve never been good at drawing that line! And these days, when I’m surrounded, embedded, drenched in bad manners (my own included) I am ever so surprised, and ever so grateful, when I see someone mannerly in a very old fashioned way. Part of ‘old-fashioned’ seems to be more of a calculated willingness to be taken advantage of, to my way of thinking. And if my admiration for such gallantry, such openhearted folly, makes me old fashioned, well then it’s a badge I will wear with small irony and much pride.

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