How’s everybody this morning?  Good?  Not so good!? Hm. Let me see what I can do about that.

Just when La Mami Naturaleza seems to have shot her last bolt in the weird department, along comes something like this.  Do please watch the video.

I bought and now have used a bunch of equipment for my rehab.  I am already stronger and more able to extend my arm forwards at 90 degrees.  Jeff rolls his eyes when I do exercises while watching TV, it’s quite distracting.

Jeff’s first impressions of the Mac Mini. There’s something useful in there about the Home/End issue which people transitioning from pc to mac always trip over.

Hey, I don’t mind fashion when it looks like this.  Possibly, erm, not suitable for work.

More evidence, although it didn’t need to be adduced, why Stephen Fry fucking RULES.

The Nepean Redskins will be changing their name and logo at the end of this season.  VERY PLEASED ABOUT THIS.  On the other hand there is this piece of dreck masquerading as a sports common tater.  In a hundred years we will look back and wonder why the hell we did this to ourselves.

And in this Brave New World, homeless people use Bitcoins.

I could do this without breaking a sweat. After all, I’ve already done it, just ask Jeff.




The eternal question

The eternal question can be compressed into three words.  Is it crap?

I force myself to ask this when I read paragraphs like this.

About halfway through I think, could Zittrain’s Thought Experiment (ZeeTeeEee(=) be a good band name?  I think, anh, it’s too arty even for me.  A little after that I think, well, hasn’t human intelligence always been a commodity?

Makes you wonder who the first man was who got paid to be smart, and what he got paid in, and what the hell he was paid to do.  If it was a woman, I hope she was a midwife and they rubbed her feet.

With no further excuses, herewith the paragraph.

Crowdsourcing’s power to compartmentalise and abstract away the true meaning of tasks turns human intelligence into a commodity. Zittrain’s thought experiment shows how it could potentially entice people into participating in a project that they otherwise wouldn’t support.

Can you find anything wrong with the foregoing?  I mean, this paragraph ignores that the commoditization of human intelligence is a frequent occurrence; has been for millennia as best I can make out. The scale it’s happening on is something new.  The article this paragraph was culled from is here.

The first time I used Speaking Naturally

I said, “Holy Shit!” when it actually wrote down what I was saying.  What it typed was Goalie shipped.  I promptly gave up on speech recognition.

This is pretty funny, and you don’t have to understand computer programming for it to be funny.  Not what what.

1st of 2 parts on NCIS last night… it is a spinoff attempt.  We shall see how lucky the network gets, trying to get that particular piece of tv bonanza to work up some more gelt.

I will be off to Victoria to visit relatives and Dr. Filk, who is also a relative, for part of the weekend. Sometime between now and then I have to finish the homily, and since there is never any time like the present, I will shut this down and see if I can actually integrate Unitarian values with my mother’s garden in some sensible and interesting fashion.

Site changes

For those interested, I recently made two small changes to the site:

  1. Added an indication of the currently logged in user at the top of the right side column.
  2. Fixed email. Now all admin-related emails should work as expected. In particular, password reset requests should now be working. Self-registration for new users is now technically possible, but it’s Allegra’s call as to whether that feature will be enabled.

Star Wars floppy & other news

I don’t know why I thought this was so funny, but I did.

Chipper got her dvd of puppy power but has not reported back yet. I’m bouncing from one foot to the other wanting to know.

Paul’s back from the Adirondacks. Tish and Terry are doing fine. Paul says he had a really tough time keeping up with Terry, but he’s been saying that for 25 years so I don’t think this represents a change. Terry always seemed to be a secret new power source anyway. And sing yip and whoo hoo! Paul quit smoking! Seven days no smokes, let’s all think positive.

No word from Katie, but I imagine somebody would have called me if any further insanity had taken place that I really had to know about.

I just made french toast. How amazing! Jeff has just gotten up! Good, otherwise I might end up eating it. Time to put on the bacon. Jeff doesn’t drink coffee anymore, but he misses it. I say things like “I can’t live without coffee” but of course I can. I’d be learning how to roast chicory as a substitute.

Minister Prentice sends me an email

The Government of Canada has introduced Bill C-61, An Act to Amend the Copyright Act. The proposed legislation is a made-in-Canada approach that balances the needs of Canadian consumers and copyright owners, promoting culture, innovation and competition in the digital age.
What does Bill C-61 mean to Canadians?
Specifically, it includes measures that would:
expressly allow you to record TV shows for later viewing; copy legally purchased music onto other devices, such as MP3 players or cell phones; make back-up copies of legally purchased books, newspapers, videocassettes and photographs onto devices you own; and limit the “statutory damages” a court could award for all private use copyright infringements;

implement new rights and protections for copyright holders, tailored to the Internet, to encourage participation in the online economy, as well as stronger legal remedies to address Internet piracy;

clarify the roles and responsibilities of Internet Service Providers related to the copyright content flowing over their network facilities; and

provide photographers with the same rights as other creators.

What Bill C-61 does not do:
it would not empower border agents to seize your iPod or laptop at border crossings, contrary to recent public speculation

What this Bill is not:
it is not a mirror image of U.S. copyright laws. Our Bill is made-in-Canada with different exceptions for educators, consumers and others and brings us into line with more than 60 countries including Japan, France, Germany and Australia

Bill C-61 was introduced in the Commons on June 12, 2008 by Industry Minister Jim Prentice and Heritage Minister Josée Verner.
For more information, please visit the Copyright Reform Process website at www.ic.gc.ca/epic/site/crp-prda.nsf/en/home
Thank you for sharing your views on this important matter.

The Honourable Jim Prentice, P.C., Q.C., M.P.
Minister of Industry
The Honourable Josée Verner, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women
and Official Languages and Minister for
La Francophonie


Jeff and I watched Juno last night and I loved it.  The script, the acting – a wonderful movie, and Ellen Page and Michael Cera make my Canadian heart explode with pride.  Also, it makes fun of Unitarianism.

Yesterday I prepped my MacBook for working with Windows software by installing a virtual machine.  We’ll see how this plays out… Jeff’s going to help me with an XP install  With any luck I won’t have to turn it into a Vista machine.  The long term point of this is to allow me to work from home, as the contact management and call center software is all Windows and internet based.

My payroll problem has been straightened out.

Gizmo and the downstairs dog, Meadow, are getting to know each other.  Meadow is so anxious for someone to play with that it’s very cute.  Gizmo’s body language says it all.  Scornful, not the slightest bit scared.  Eddie made tracks like his little black tail was on fire as soon as he poked his head through the door and saw the dog.

I have now entirely s-canned my original homily, as well as the two subsequent attempts, and I’m staring at the screen with disbelieving horror… can my normal fluency have deserted me for this most important topic?  Can I restrain my usual desire to turn everything into a gag?  Will I find myself in the pulpit on Sunday next, eyes like dog’s balls, stammering, incoherent and bereft of a single cogent sentence?  Stay tuned.  On the plus side, there will be jazz at the service, most likely.

I would just like to tell the universe, briefly, that I’m tired of getting what I need and would like to get what I want for a change.  Okay, back to the homily.

Site problems

Jeff sat me down with Google Tools this morning and it appears I owe a certain person an explanation.  When my site got hijacked at least one person immediately stopped being able to access it on a mobile device, which should have tweaked me to investigate. Since it wasn’t affecting me, I didn’t.  Everything should be working now – if there appears to be something broken, let me know.

Site is back up!

The site is back up and now running the latest version of WordPress. Bonus: search is now working. In fact, it’s better than before: it now searches comments as well.

You may have noticed that the site looks different. That’s because it’s using the default theme. Allegra will remedy that in the near future.