10 thoughts on “I just took a test, and I passed. I think”

  1. Hmm. I got 50-something, mostly guesses. But I was in the 98th percentile on the Miller Analogies test, which is trivia at its best. Maybe it’s just the Internet…

  2. Kopper, I went back in and re-did the test. I wanted to check the backrub answer — no bells going off here. So I asked Jim about google once being called Backrub and he has no recollection. He’s an engineer though. So, will check with Head Geek at Jim’s work on Monday.

  3. Kopper allow me to say you were SO PWNED.

    Okay, fat 49 year olds are using that expression, time to kill it and hunt cool someplace else.

  4. PWNED? I what way have I been dominated/humilated?
    Just because I go back to the punch-card era?

  5. Cause Debbie pointed you to the wikipedia article. (Rude comment about punching your cards deleted here….)

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