Yesterday I read about a canned cheeseburger

And I thought WTF?

Then somebody ran out, bought one, cooked it, and posted the results to the internet.

Scanged from reddit, and very, very worth it.  The description of what happened when he opened the can triggered hysterics, and his place setting is to die for.

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5 thoughts on “Yesterday I read about a canned cheeseburger”

  1. OMG this made me laugh. I needed too, Jenn was rushed to the hospital yesterday via ambulance with a female malady (turned out to be an ovarian cyst).

    The hamburger, once prepared, did not look like something I would like to eat very much. However, after Day 1 & 2 in the bush, there is no more meat; only freeze-dried meals which don’t do wonders for your digestive tract.

  2. Thanks. There was no surgery, they burst on their own. I thought this was good but NO — several cysts and bursting are both bad things. Jenn is trying to carry on but she is in a great deal of pain and she has her new hyperactive puppy to take care of too. I too am sorry to hear Katie is having BF troubles. Speaking of BFs, guess who showed up at the hospital and he has a “No Contact Order”. This is the US version of a restraining order, but stronger as only a judge can remove it NOT the spouse or girlfriend. Did you ever see the not so recently released movie about the life of Johnny Cash with Reese Witherspoon? … particularly the segment I like to call “Detox by shotgun”? I love that scene!

  3. Ow. Abdominal pain is hard – other people can’t really get why you’re doubled over with your eyes crossed. Jenn’s BF sounds like Katie’s but better educated. sigh.

  4. Oh NO, ex-BF. Current BF lives in Ottawa and upon finding Jenn had fallen ill searched the internet to find that only 1 in 100,000 woman ever get this condition. Current-BF is going down for one week in mid-February and plans to be there on her birthday. New BF is decent, ambitious, hard-working, respectful, well-mannered, caring, etc. Oh, and I almost forgot good-looking, well-built and nicely dressed!

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