It is vigorously snowing again.

The weather reports for Vancouver entirely suck.  They said it was going to be plus six and rainy, but I guess being situated on this damned big hill makes nonsense of such prognostications.

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4 thoughts on “It is vigorously snowing again.”

  1. It’s been raining in Ottawa and there is almost no snow left. What’s left on the ground is wet and mushy — not conducive to walking the dogs. The wind is blowing so hard that the house is shaking AND last night there was tons of thunder and lightning. Generally, all these things keep knocking out the Bell Satellite and the transponder(s) keep having to reboot endlessly. Sumer (our dog, 11 yrs) is petrified and Nolan (Jenn’s dog, 8 mths) couldn’t be more excited.

  2. Um, you don’t live in the same climate as Vancouver…Check the forecast for Whistler and you’ll be closer. It;s all about the elevation, yaknow.

  3. Just so. Victoria too has microclimates – significant differences within a frw tens of metres. I remember as a child looking at the results of a highly localized hailstorm – ALL the edges of it were visible from where I stood. Earlier I had assumed that, as the centre of the universe, what was happening to me was happening to everyone.

  4. Exactly, Kopper. From a precipitation standpoint, Vancouver should be getting the rain and Ottawa should be getting the snow. And Nautilus3, I moved to Ottawa hoping for colder, dryer winters and thus less allergy problems only to find out we get high humidity and live in a valley which traps allergens.

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