2 thoughts on “brings a tear to me eye”

  1. Is this the real deal? If so, Wojtek must have been a real morale booster to those Polish men. Animals of all kinds bring love, kindness and companionship to their owners. Nautilus3, any comments regarding this strange team made up of men and one bear?

  2. The way I figure it, grab any baby mammal young enough (okay, I guess there are exceptions like some of the big cats) and you can alter its behaviour enough that it can live in civil fashion with humans. The reason I say some of the big cats is because they are IMPOSSIBLE to housetrain. I heard that somebody was once able to housetrain a horse. It took 2 BLOODY YEARS and they had to stand outside in the rain A LOT waiting for the horse to go. The funny thing was that once the horse figured out what was preventing him from going in the nice warm house, that was it, housetrained for life. I just can’t imagine being that patient. I’d have bankrupted myself on Flicka brand diapers long since. mOm, your comments? You did, after all, want to be a vet when you were growing up.

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