off to kiss the ring of the poobah of Dunnettry

Lunch with the head of the Dunnett society as arranged by Jan J. It will be a small but convivial gathering at an upscale chain restaurant downtown. Haven’t seen the folks in ages, should be fun.

I wanted to clean out the fridge but I didn’t want to bend. I got Alex to do it for me by telling him we were going to do a podcast of the clean out and how gross it was. We were hoping that poor Jeff would come back from the dentist and give us a hard time about the smell in the middle of it all but Alex WAS TOO EFFICIENT. That kid is somethin’ else, lemme tell ya.

Internet and power are completely gone in Gaza. The ground assault begins, and it can’t actually be considered anything except an extermination. A genocide.

Hundreds of Jews were carted off to jail in NYC yesterday for protesting.

Leo and Linda overnight

Wordle 857 3/6

I very much like the effect of having two 3/6 Wordles in a row. It’s a cognitive thing, I trust you understand.

I’ll pass on the hard stuff first. Two thousand Palestinian children have died in the last seventeen days. A thousand times Ryker and Alex. What can one old Canadian granny do?

Leo and Linda arrived. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that a family elder showed me a new use for google maps – he pinned himself to a map while in the rental car so I could watch he and Linda approach. I figured for sure they’d get nailed by traffic or construction or the utter deranged randomness of Vancouver driving, of which Jeff and I have so often spoken. But no, they sped into Vancouver from Squamish like a rocket sled on rails, got their Bags of Capacity into the basement, and met Alex briefly.

Katie, because she is a complete darling and understands things, BROUGHT RYKER IN FROM THE CAR. That seems like nothing, but Leo and Linda got to at least experience The Cuteness and Whirlwind That Is Ryker for two minutes while Alex chased him around the center of the house, laughing. And then poor Katie had to stuff him back INTO the car and drive home. No pics it was too brief.

HOWEVER Fisherman’s Park yielded this for Leo’s lens:

L&L kindly ordered dins and I have leftovers for first breakfast and after I drop off Alex we’ll go to Foreshore for second brekky and then I have a long and tiresome errand with Paul which Lois asked me very nicely to do and it needs to happen if Paul’s going to comfortably keep living where he is, which he likes, and wishes to continue to do, with support, which, in part, I am. I can grouse but Paul needs the help and I have his freaking car.


I’m sure there will be super low key celebrations across the Salish Sea when the folks head across on Thursday.

I could say something about the loss of the ‘music room’ since I need to practice so much for Orycon BUT I AIN’T BEEN PRACTICING ANYWAY so there’s that.

and some fluff; The Accidental Mr. Right has been added to the Lesser Known Destiel Fics on AO3

PCRF communiqué

Date: October 14, 2023

A Humanitarian Catastrophe Unfolds in Gaza – An Appeal to the International Community

A catastrophe of unprecedented proportions is unfolding in what many refer to as “the most densely populated territory on earth”…the Gaza Strip.  Over the course of the last week, Gaza has plunged into a deep trail of destruction and unimaginable human suffering. The non-stop Israeli military bombardment of the civilian population in Gaza has now claimed over 1800 innocent lives, one-third of whom are children.  Over 500,000 people have been displaced and are seeking shelter in UN schools that have reached capacity. The IDF ordered one million people to evacuate northern Gaza for the south within 24 hours (as of yesterday, October 13th) in anticipation of an Israeli ground invasion.  This is being done without guarantees of safety or return to their homes, and what international legal experts say amounts to the forced transfer of inhabitants in violation of international law.

Essential resources like electricity, water, and food have been deliberately cut off, pushing the civilian population to the brink of desperation. The deliberate severing of vital services such as electricity, water, and food has magnified the suffering of Gaza’s people. Hospitals are overwhelmed and unable to provide adequate medical care due to the lack of medical supplies, electricity, and clean water. Emergency medical aid is being denied entry, ambulances are being bombed and vehicles carrying aid are being targeted by airstrikes. The urgent intervention of the international community is critical now more than ever.

In the face of this grave humanitarian crisis, it is imperative that the international community responds with unprecedented urgency and determination. The situation demands decisive, immediate action to alleviate the immense suffering of the over 2 million people trapped in a 140 sq. mile territory, roughly twice the size of Washington, D.C.

PCRF joins other humanitarian organizations and people of goodwill in calling on the international community to provide immediate humanitarian aid, intensify diplomatic efforts for an immediate ceasefire, ensure accountability for violations of international law, and actively support Gaza’s reconstruction. Silence in the face of such tragedy is complicity, and the time to act is now.

For any inquiries, please contact:

To Donate to PCRF’s Gaza Relief Efforts,  go to our website at

The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (“PCRF”) is a 501(c)(3) Federal Tax-Exempt U.S. Organization that provides free medical care to thousands of injured and ill children annually who lack local access to care within the local healthcare system in Palestine and other countries in the Middle East.

I’ve donated to PCRF twice, once a couple of years back and once in the last week. My donations were miniscule but I made them.

If you would prefer to donate in North America to try to stop this mess, here’s an interesting alternative.

war crime

So…. the pretty and energetic Filipina packing my schlepping bags this morning said that she’s worried sick about her brother in Beersheba.

“Holy shit,” I hear myself say. Beersheba’s like 50km from Gaza

“He’s a nurse. The Israelis won’t let him leave.”

So, not to put to fine a point on it, if the Israelis are preventing him (he’s either Filipino or Canadian, she wasn’t clear on that and I never ever ask anyone about their citizenship status any more, it’s like the least anarchist thing you can possibly DO) from leaving a war zone because he won’t help heal their soldiers…. that’s a war crime. It would be different if he was a citizen, and he wouldn’t expect to be able to leave.

So here I am 10,755 km away from Gaza and the war – and the geopolitical crap it brings – is in my grocery store.

as you may recollect I bought Mike a Palestinian kuffiya for his birthday this year, a presentiment of a sort I suppose.

This is the public statement of the business – one of the last factories in Palestinian territory – Harbawi.

Our thoughts on the last few days…
As we go about our daily lives, it’s crucial to pause and consider the escalating crisis in Gaza and the broader region.
The Israeli government’s threatening rhetoric, including comments from Prime Minister Netanyahu about turning Gaza “into a deserted island,” raises significant concerns. These are not merely words but a chilling portent for the people who live there.
In this environment, it’s heartbreaking to think that the Israeli military, one of the most technologically advanced in the world, directs its might not solely at armed militants but also at vulnerable civilians.
These aren’t just statistics or casualties of war; they are fathers who may never again hear their daughters’ laughter, mothers who may never see their sons take their first bike ride, and young people with dreams of changing the world. Each one deserves more than a life of mere survival; they deserve a life filled with dignity, love, and opportunity.
It’s essential to highlight that at the core of this ongoing conflict is a system of apartheid that perpetuates inequality, violence, and the violation of human rights.
We at Hirbawi stand firmly in the belief that every individual—regardless of religion or ethnicity—deserves equal treatment. This foundational principle of equality has the power to dismantle the walls of racism and apartheid that have been erected over decades in Palestine.
For a just and lasting peace, this fundamental truth must be acknowledged and acted upon by all parties involved, including Israelis, Palestinians, and the international community. Until we reach this critical understanding, the people of Palestine continue to need your emotional and material support.
Keep the Palestinian plight at the forefront of your thoughts, your discussions, and your actions. Let’s hold onto hope—the hope that one day humanity will awaken to the truth, ending all forms of apartheid and finally granting equal rights to everyone in historical Palestine.
Only then can we make meaningful strides toward peace, freedom, and justice for all.
The Hirbawi Team


Alex is here

I’m thinking about Grandmothers in Gaza, holding dead children while the rockets sound. It’s hard not to.

Sent a new mixed media (sort of) poem fragment to Dave this am, wonder what he’ll make of it. It’s called My Advice and it’s advice to anyone born after 2010.

Chicken and Bean burrito WILL BE CONSTRUCTED for snack midmorning (have to adjust around when I’m taking Paul to his appointment.) Looking forward to that, Jeff is a big fan of refried beans!

Just a reminder parental love is unconditional BUT NOT INCONSEQUENTIAL.

made a few stabby efforts at the ‘driving instructor’ fanfic; I’ve been thinking a lot about the next Brad and Omar story, but I’m crying a lot because they have a big fight, which isn’t ‘big’ as in noisy but trust between them is hurt and will need to be rebuilt in their …. er…. idiom.

a former Defence Minister in Israel Moshe Ya-alon says Netanyahu went to war without even letting his cabinet talk to the Chief of Staff of the IDF. As someone who’s served in both capacities if he’s yelling for Netanyahu’s resignation he should be listened to.

he swears he read it

Dave says he read The Game of Kings but the rest of the Lymond Chronicles was just too much of a commitment. If someone gave it to me now I probably couldn’t read it for the first time so I see his point.

Writing seems pointless and yet I keep doing it. I have to figure out what the heavenly character is doing… Crowley writes himself, the bugger. (more GOmens references) Also, Neil Gaiman is sick with COVID right now.

I am not happy about Hamas and the dead Israelis, but that doesn’t stop the Israeli state from being an apartheid pariah with the power of life and death over Palestinians. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. I’d sure like it if North American Jews (and end of the world Republicans) quit raising money for Israel but that’s not going to happen, and I’m a fool to even post it.



them Ukrainians, lord lord

The link


David Axe Forbes staff, wrote

While any tank can be temperamental, the list of malfunctions Kochevnik was dealing with might speak to inconsistent workmanship at Uralvagonzavod’s factories.

A Russian who gave his name as Aleksander Anatolevich, who clearly was unaware that Kochevnik is a Ukrainian soldier, promised he’d bring up the problems with the design bureau in Nizhny Tagil—and that he’d also contact the engine-manufacturer in Chelyabinsk.

Kochevnik wasn’t done trolling. He also got ahold of Andrey Abakumov, a Uralvagonzavod director. Abakumov asked Kochevnik to describe the tank’s problems in detail on WhatsApp.

That’s when Kochevnik finally revealed he’s Ukrainian, and his army had captured the problematic T-72 around Izium late last year.

Laughing, Kochevnik ended the call.

off to the showroom

Keith needs to buy some furniture to fit in his new room. We’ll go off to see that midmorning. He’s also setting up ‘the last family meal at the Manor’ for Sunday so I’m hoping Jeff will come.

Weather continues okay, pollen except mold is low.

Laundry done, now I need to put it away. har har

Ukraine has lost a lot of warriors in the offensive. Things are gonna snap.

Tanked all my Lumosity games this morning. I don’t mean to dip but using a trackpad instead of a mouse is kinda bogus and I should stop doing it.

Made more iced tea.

Had my leftover pad thai for breakfast. DAMN it was good. Jeff enjoyed his Mongolian stirfry so we’re putting that restaurant in the rotation. The soup (sort of like Tom Ka Kai but called Coconut soup) was so good I could feel my soul leave my body and then come whooshing back in with a big ass THANK YOU. I asked for Mild-Medium spicing and they NAILED IT so well.

Reviewing my to do list. Amazing how many items I’ve already crossed off.

360 words over today and yesterday.

Just found out that the only Guyanese person I follow on twitter… his dad was a chauffeur. And so is Blossom, so I’m thinking that is one strange echo.

New Song – Looting Corpses with You

Looting Corpses with you

(with a Latin beat, (alas I could not determine which one, but I will eventually) sung by a single voice with guitar, trumpet and percussion accompaniment, and descriptively it’s the ‘Dah dit dit dit Dah dit dit dit’ rhythm, whatever the hell that is)

This song is, quite obviously, dedicated to the memory of John Caspell.


The moon is high and bright
It sheds a ghostly blight
Upon a battlefield
With chilling points of light
The little things we like to do
Will make us ever close and true
Oh how I bless the moon
For I will soon
go looting corpses with you.

Their boys put up a fight
You know it don’t seem right
But we survived the fray
And now sneak out at night
The CO will find fools to scold
until he sees that shiny gold
Oh how I bless the moon
For I will soon
go looting corpses with you.

Lois is here

And got the car, she walked over last night to collect it.

Always so good to see her. She has a lot of dogs and a houseguest staying right now so home is very lively.


My uneducated and angry take regarding Wagner’s ‘attack’ on Russian military headquarters:
This is a false flag operation, Wagner attacking Russian headquarters; when Putin genuinely doesn’t want someone on the board, he takes them off. Anyone who thinks Prigozhin isn’t following orders or serving Putin’s will doesn’t understand his value; he can be the one to nuke Ukraine (because Putin isn’t killing Ukrainians fast enough for him) and then Putin will step in to restore order and have the true fear and respect of the world again. A coup is not happening; it’s being threatened to terrify Putin’s enemies.
The Ukrainians have to be prepared to join the Japanese in history. Putin waved his hand and a dam broke; he’s mined a nuke plant; what next.

Ukraine post

Every day, more civilians die; Russian rockets are mostly knocked down before they hit anything – but some get where they’re going. The Ukrainians are stalled in their offensive for a variety of reasons.  The biggest is that the Russians have had more than a year to dig in, and you can bet your ass that’s exactly what they’ve done, six defensive lines deep across 30 km. Ground the Ukrainians need to traverse to retake their country is often mined, and the Russian guns are heard all the time because they’re entrenched everywhere.  The Ukrainians have lost a lot of soldiers, and a breakthrough point along that eastern line has not made itself known. They’ve also lost a horrifying number of expensive new tanks, enough that Putin was mocking them. It’s been a meat grinder and I think the Ukrainians need to rethink their strategy. The situation is not assisted by internal dissension. Vitaly Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, is openly feuding with Zelenskyy about local government issues (mostly, this is a gross oversimplification) and from anything I’ve been able to read both men are being idiots litigating resource issues in wartime in the fucking press. But yeah, I think Zelenskyy’s going to try to drive Klitschko out of office for what, somehow being a collaborator? that seems to be how to gets people out of wherever they’re thwarting him and I have no notion how that’s supposed to work democracy wise, Klitschko’s a multi-term mayor in wartime.

Having blown up a dam, Putin is now plotting to blow up Zaporizhia’s nuclear power plant. Zelenskyy’s issued a warning to the world.

feeling pregnant

I don’t know if it will be a story, a song, a rant, a poem or a drawing but it’s not gas even if it must vent sooooon.

I have something creative in me that has to come out … is what I mean to say. This is a something creative that is not making a batch of cinnamon buns, which I did yestreen.

Today I bleached most of the coffee cups. I think a while back I ran the dishwasher with no soap and while everything was sterile when we were done there was tea baked on. Gave ’em all a thorough rinse and put ’em in the dish rack.

All the errands I’d run if I was made out of energy:

take that fretless bass ukulele back to Peggy. It was borrowed from her and a gent I don’t know loaned it to her and I CAN’T STAND THE SMELL it’s like it lived in a moldy basement for a hunnert years. BUT IT SOUNDS SO COOL (LARRY DAVID UNCERTAINTY GIF)

walk for 45 minutes at least

do a shop

bathe; maybe get really radical and brush my teeth

write a thousand words


pay bills

try to obtain my credit score

call at least a couple of my friends

play around on Bluesky, the replacement for twitter, some more (I like it so far)

What I’ll probably do:

Whine continuously and pause for my video call with my doc to get my scrips renewed. I do not want a holter monitor. I do not want a colonoscopy. We shall see. If she complains I’ll say, can you go back to the part of my file that says I have ADD? get corrected, sheesh.

Already got my first Notice of Assessment back, holeeee that was fast. Thank you Jeff as always my home guard!!! My taxes are again up to date, phew.

Suzanne comes today but this will likely be her last Thursday with us because her jobs are changing up and we need to find another four hour block – weekend most likely.

Watched a Russian soldier surrender to a drone on video this morning. The alternative was eating a grenade launched from a nearby chopper, so I’m glad he’ll eventually go home to his family.

Buster was a good boy at the vet and gets his teeth cleaned next week.

Glenda Jackson, 87, passed at home in Blackheath today. Rest well my left wing goddess.



the cumulative effect


if Keith hadn’t asked me to come with for Peggy’s luncheon

Peggy wouldn’t have reminded me that Cindy’s Festival of the Living Rooms concert is Saturday and suggested I back Cindy up

and I wouldn’t have messaged Cindy to be so kind as to allow me to accompany her

and I wouldn’t have found out that Cindy was low key panicking, and we wouldn’t have rehearsed last night and I wouldn’t be backing her up today for the 3PM concert. She brought like 80 DOLLAH of greek food and we ate like chieftains wit’ da meat on spits, good god yall.

Yesterday with Alex was fun. We didn’t call GGMa but we did have a good time, and I got to see my neurodiverse grandson HAVING A SOCIAL LIFE WITH FRIENDS WHO ALSO HAVE DYED HAIR (three little cis boys with red and pink hair noisily occupying a living room) and once again I was moved to intense and grievous anger that he’s being renovicted and may lose these friends, as children do in moves. I will keep that friendship going if I have to take him on the bus I publicly swear it. Anyway he was invited over and I squared it with his mummabear and we exchanged numbers and his mummabear picked him up. It rained, but not enough to really put out any fires.

He played me something on youtube called Rush E. Don’t bother, it’s a memey thing and your life won’t be better if you look at it. Also he needs to remember to bring his blessed charger with him.

I got him to pick a beat on the Kaossilator and we recorded him playing overtop of that. I will post a fragment when I get around to it and quit panicking about the performance this afternoon.

The counteroffensive has begun. Qapla’ Ukrainy (Success Ukraine in Klingon)