Map of cut cables


There have now been six undersea internet cables cut since December 2007.  I had been having a hard time visualizing where they were, but ScaryClown, as always comes through.

Anybody who thinks these events aren’t sabotage is probably a professional pundit.  There are apparently 25 ships that cruise the globe fixing cable wear 24/7 and there’s a cable break on average every 3 days.  What triggered the hysteria, including mine, was the size of the original break – it took down about 70 percent of Egypt’s traffic, and Egypt is not a small country. 

So I can go back to worrying about something else, like uploading my videos.




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3 thoughts on “Map of cut cables”

  1. This just in from Spence:

    “yes now I’m at work…..I heard about this and I read it … was ships dropping their anchor right onto the cable…….I will win the lottery before that happens!!”

  2. I thought for sure it was sabotage, but it’s just wear and tear. I know about wear and tear!

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