2 thoughts on “Myths about the Canadian Health Care system – busted”

  1. There is really no mystery as to why about 45,000,000 Americans have NO health care coverage whatsoever.

    ‘Land of the Free’? Bollocks to that. You pay for everything!!!

  2. Jenn goes to a US university and we purchased the university health care plan. One trip to the podiatrist costs $80 US, the user fee is $15 US. OHIP refunds us $7.65 Cdn. There is no doubt in our mind that Jenn receives better health care in the US, but one definately needs to purchase a good health care plan OR work for a company that provides one. In Canada, I have found our entire health care system works like “Emergency” providing bandaid solutions and not taking time to get the root cause of the problem.

    The only thing that has saved us in Canada (for me or Jenn) is our GP. He can diagnose pretty much anything, provide appropriate treatment(s) and fast track us to the correct specialist. Sadly, this is not the NORM.

    I base what I say on my own experience in getting a diagnosis for myself BUT more importantly for my daughter.

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