“Scarred for life”

The Luddite sent me this…. in the comments somebody remarked that they will be scarred for life for having seen it.  Personally I’m not, but a music video of Tiny Tim performing a cover of “Do ya think I’m sexy?” is one of the more powerfully strange things I’ve seen in some time.  Al Jolson’s effect on American culture ain’t dead yet, let’s just say that.

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4 thoughts on ““Scarred for life””

  1. I will have to go to a Rod Stewart concert (maybe several) to scrub this performance from my head!

  2. I much prefer the Bob and Ray version (from SNL, you can find it on YouTube).

    And as you know, I have the life-time hall pass to avoid anything by Rod Stewart ever since his music was played at my nephew’s funeral.

    “Forever Young”? WTF?

  3. Plumbing the depths of bad taste and pulling out Andrew Dice Clay’s false teeth. OMG. What a horrible thing to happen at the funeral of a young person.

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