Sick still

Oh, my, Lord, I am SO tired of coughing.  Woke up at 3 and worked another thousand words on my new softcore epic.  I made the mistake of thinking about what would happen if all of my current fave people ended up in the same room.  Zow!!!! No, Johnny Depp isn’t in there.  I’m thinking real life, as we laughingly refer to it. 

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8 thoughts on “Sick still”

  1. Are you sure you are not allergic to something in the new place? You certainly catch more than your fair share of “colds”!!

  2. No, I think that almost a year of relief from cats has helped. I got a little run down and shy on sleep, I think; that and the tsunami of illness that washed through the office.

  3. I only have to worry about what Jim brings home from the office which isn’t much and he rarely catches anything. With an auto-immune disorder, I take my flu shot yearly BUT appear to have more colds than anyone around me. Of course, when I’m sneezing, nose running, kleenex in hand; I can see people moving a little further away from me. I tell them don’t worry, it’s not contagious, it’s just allergies. I can tell by their body language that they don’t believe me.

  4. I wonder is there has been any noticeable decrease in the transmission or upper respiratory infections with the advent everywhere of waterless hand-cleaning dispensers. Haven’t seen any stats. Wonder if it is worthwhile, or merely a gesture…

  5. Nautilus3, I often wonder if they are of any use against viruses?? The back of the household versions say kills 99% of germs (not bacteria, virus, fungus, etc.). This is not very reassuring to me, if we are missing 1% ( or even 0.1%) of a certain type of virus, i.e. providing no protection for example from say SARS or some other viral diseases.

  6. Depends on the virus. Some of they are so fragile that exposure to sunlight kills them in minutes – I think Ebola is one such. And consider all the viruses that have to pass directly from one warm body to another warm body to survive – virtually all of the STDs. And it depends on how otherwise they may travel. Even upper respiratory viruses have a limited life span in the aersols you cough into the air…

    Still, plague of one sort or another is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – and he’s riding.

  7. Thanks Nautilus3. So, if we get hit with something serious (plague-like) — it’s quite possible the hand sanitizers would have no effect on a given pathogen, but at least people wouldn’t bring in other viral infections to make matters worse for those already afflicted??

  8. And now announced that Tamiflu is losing its viability internationally. Check what they are sticking you with this year. Every dose makes Cheney a little richer; I’m not aware you can get anything else in Canada.

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