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So there will be the usual gang of celebrants on the Art Gallery steps downtown.  I won’t be there.  Today’s the Sun Run; Peggy is participating, but I won’t be there either. I will be doing laundry and shuffling boxes around, and if I get myself together I will try to work on my June 1st atheism homily a bit more.  Also, I will take out my bike and do a small bicycle shop; I really should get panniers but I’ll borrow a backpack instead.  Keith is supposed to show up later, and I am looking forward to seeing him.

Shay, a family friend of Suzanne’s and thus of daughter Katie’s, has made the finals for the stand up comedy contest, and I will be going to see the show on the 24th, if the fates are propitious.  Gotta support those lady comics, you know.

Yesterday I watched Ana’s hummingbirds and Rufous hummingbirds dodge wet snow to slurp back syrup at my folks’ place.  The breeding plumage is so glorious.

Yesterday, the folks, Paul and I went to have lunch with Granny.  I am so very lucky to still have a Granny to go visit; Paul adores her and couldn’t go to Victoria without dropping in on her.

The biscotti are practically gone.  They don’t keep, you know.

Dinner last night was grilled chicken breasts, salad and steamed cauliflower.  Still no cheese, must fix this soon…

It’s supposed to snow today, which is odd, because it’s GLORIOUS weather out there.

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