Ten things I hate about Vancouver

  1. Driving in Richmond, except close to the airport
  2. The combination of rain, wind, darkness and pedestrian invisibility which constitutes winter around here
  3. Crow conventions outside my window just before dawn on the one day I can sleep late.
  4. Drivers who seem to have mistaken their sex lives for their driving – you know, fast, loud, unsafe, clueless and like they’re the only one there.
  5. The escalators at Granville station.  Vertigo, vertigo.
  6. ESL students.  I don’t mind that they can’t speak English, but they walk really slowly and throw garbage around like they’re getting paid to.
  7. Ferry lineups. 
  8. Guns n tasers on the fracking Skytrain.
  9. Transit sucks for the airport.  We are so mickey mouse it’s unbelievable.
  10. Homelessness.

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