Weird weather in Vancouver

Last night at about 8:30, Keith and I were watching Cool Hand Luke (Keith’s first time, my fifth at least) when someone outside the house fired the biggest flashbulb ever.  At least, that’s what it looked like.  Both windows in my field of vision lit up like daylight for a fraction of a second.  I had time to look quizzically at Keith, then turn back and shrug, before the thunder arrived.  We estimated that it was about four seconds after the flash; long enough for both of us to dismiss the flash as something other than lightning.  We were wrong.  The thunder was like an earthquake; the house shook violently and I felt the shaking throughout my body.  I couldn’t figure out how the thunder could be that loud if the lightning strike was so far away; Keith suggested that it had indeed been far away, but right above us.  That would explain what we observed.  Of course, what made this particularly interesting for us was that it occurred at the point in the film where – you guessed it – there was a thunderstorm.  Anyway, soon after this event, it started to snow.  And this morning, snow covers the ground.  This is going to be a weird year for weather.

One thought on “Weird weather in Vancouver”

  1. You think YOU had weird weather. It hailed and snowed off and on for the last 24 hours here in Victoria, with a glorious break in the late afternoon.

    My trek at 6:45 this morning down the Pat Bay Hwy to get Peggy to the ferry was accompanied by THE WORST DRIVING since I left Ontario. There had been slushy sections all down the highway, and then without warning the road became black ice with slush on top. How I maintained control of the car remains a mystery to me, but I have actually learned that you aren’t supposed to touch the steering wheel, gas or brakes, and it was a straight stretch of highway, so we made the ferry on time. I crawled like an old lady through the bad patch going the other way. Man, that was ug-ly.

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