After the fabric was sitting around for a couple of weeks (and the Luddite bailed on last evening due to not feeling 100%) and finally getting the sewing machine last weekend (I kept forgetting to ask to borrow it) I finally said “Basta!” and assembled the blackout curtains.  Jeff seemed to think it would take hours, but it’s all straight seams.  I sewed and put hooks in and he hung them, and just in time for solstice we have something that will improve both sleeping and watching movies in the living room.  I sewed one side incorrectly – the panels aren’t mirror images of each other – and sewed about 30 centimetres with the wrong side facing out – but these are either of no great moment or easily fixed.  Happy sigh.

Holy crap, look at the time.  Off to work.  Wonder if we’ll be walking in the woods at lunch today.

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