family night

Right now the waffles are on and I just finished turning the leftover spuds into home fries. New potato home fries are teh awesome, to descend into the newspeak of the young. Sure made Jeff’s eyes light up when he spotted them!

Last night Keith decided to throw himself at alcoholism again – and miss – again. He’s simply too smart and too fastidious to become a drunk. So what he does is buy something high end and drink slowly until just before he thinks he’s gonna maybe heave, and stops. The grownups got into the mickey of Johnny Walker Red more or less as he came in the door. Over the course of the evening I made home made cream of asparagus soup with three kinds chopped fresh herbs and home made fruit salad. And we started things off with garlic bread, of course. The food being spaced out like that was rather pleasant, like an extremely leisurely restaurant meal with cheap drinks.

Paul came by as well. We were supposed to watch something but the siren song of body work was too much so while Keith caught up on BsG we traded work for about an hour. Crap I needed that. That plus the sun coming out as soon as I got out of work and all of a sudden I am much more cheeful…. oh, and there was a phone call to my mother in there somewhere too. Damned hormones; can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Jeff is reading a guy named Pinkwater and really enjoying it. I will try it when he’s done.

I signed up for ebay again hoping that I’d be able to find The Lost Queen of Egypt but man, it’s an expensive book. If anybody finds it in a used bookstore for like five bucks, buy it and I’ll pay for everything to get it here. Also I’m going to try Dunnett audiobooks, if I can lay my hands on one that is not too ‘spensive.

More waffles. I am still mastering Granny’s waffle-iron. Today I am going to go OUTSIDE because I know it will make me feel better. Such a fan of pathetic fallacy am I.

Finally spoke to Katie yesterday. We’re supposed to do resume things on Sunday.

Now that world appears to be back on its axis, I’m off to vanquish the rest of my day.

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  1. Spurred by your sterling efforts to vanquish your day, I tackled two minor butmiserable projects and GOT THEM DONE. Almost all of my family-related projects are enjoyable in the pursuit thereof; these were not because I didn’t understand clearly what needed to be done. There is one more like that on my plate, which, if I screw it up, I will spend a lot of time in the unscrewing. I’m going to retire on my present laurels, telling myself that two out of three (as Meatloaf says) ain’t bad.

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