Free Pizza

The darnedest thing happened to me last night. I was minding my own business as I walked out of Brentwood Station, and I see a young woman carrying a frozen pizza box.  Then I see a young man carrying a pizza box, and another, and another, and I start getting excited. Sure enough, at the bottom of the ramp there’s a whole bunch of people giving away pizza.

Took care of dinner, anyway.

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8 thoughts on “Free Pizza”

  1. I recall your much earlier remarks about street theatre in Toronto. This seems to have been an extreme example.

  2. It was advertising, not street theatre, and the warnings about ‘free’ continue to be true; Jeff and I got heartburn like a little man with a blowtorch was sporting with our innards.

  3. I got the same pizza, but not the same result, thankfully. And a week later, when I dropped into the nearby Starbucks, they offered me a free noodle-salad thing. That took care of another dinner on a day when I was near to collapse from lack of sleep.

  4. I think they are pretty meat positive. Pretty fat positive too. Loki tells the story of watching an Inuit dude come out of the Hudsons Bay store eating a pound of lard like it was a popsicle…. this would have been when I was in rompers.

  5. turkey…sleep…food being point. Joke, obviously a poor one
    As for fat tolerance, I have the funny feeling that coming from a place that is cold a lot of the time makes for that. What you and I eat as double smoked bacon, russians from northern areas slice to put on (dark) bread with pickle and tomato, uncooked.

  6. Oh, I’d forgotten about the turkey = sleep thing. I can’t remember what’s in turkey that makes snoozing after a festive meal so delightful.

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