Sudden conviction

I woke up this morning with a sudden, and as is usually the case with me, irrational, conviction. The thoughts that are now blowing through my mind fly in the face of anything resembling sense, or self-interest; but I am not a rational creature at the best of times and many times in my life I’ve done what appeared to be stupid things only to find out later that it was my stupidity – or stubbornness – that got me to the good place I didn’t know I was going.

Perhaps I’ve been infected by the irrationality of the Civil War; Jeff and I watched the first episode of Ken Burns’ documentary on the Civil War last night (Patricia’s been encouraging me to watch it for years).  It occurs to me that I’ve been playing it safe for quite a while and I need to shake things up a little.  I’m going to think about it over the weekend.  Maybe I’ll think better of it.  Maybe I won’t.

I rearranged my mandolin lesson – my teacher forgave me, which was decent of her. There are many things about middle aged women I like; the forgiveness of the inevitable mental lapses, as my hormones wreak havoc on my intellect, is definitely one of them.