More candles

I light a candle for Carrie, who has left her fiancé of three years and is heading back to Ontario.

I light another candle for Unca Dave, who is coming to see me and Jeff on the weekend.

I light a candle for Mike, who hauled me off to Hastings Steam and Sauna last night and pummelled my right shoulder for a while, and so I feel physically a lot better this morning.  Emotionally (to quote Dunnett) I’m a stunned bird in the reeds.  Maybe a fresh cup of coffee will cheer me up.

I gotta tell ya, Hastings Steam and Sauna is a really nice sauna.  Designed and built by a FInn in the mists of time, each of the suites has a sauna room, a shower room and a front room with a couple of extremely utilitarian bed shelf thingees.  The music that is piped in is wonderful (last night it sounded like Exchange, Eno and Norah Jones) and has been every other time I’ve been there, and the only drawback was that we were in suite 2 when the street cleaner went by on Hastings and both Mike and I went bug-eyed trying to figure out what the hellacious noise was – the whole room was shaking and the tile made for really loud echoes.  The plus side was that the horrid fluorescent light in the front room of the suite had burned out so the room was lit by candles. Instant spa experience, just add paraffin.

There’s a hallway on the back of the suites which allows access to the employees.  You get 90 minutes in the suite but only an hour in the ‘wet’ rooms so the employees can clean after each use.

I light a candle for Hastings Steam and Sauna.  Highly recommended!