It’s talk like a pirate day.


MANY thanks to Mike, who hauled out the massage table last night and put me into that stunned state of mind that accompanies a really long and effective massage.

Katie and Mike were both around for dins last night and I fed them garlic bread, tater tots, lettuce and tomato and onion and sunflower seed salad, and broiled pork chomps and leftover mushrooms and I kinda went nuts at the bakery so we had dessert too.  I bought so much sweet stuff I gave it to Katie to take to Dax.  Katie has a routine now where she does all the homework she gets assigned to do as soon as she gets home on Thursday night, so she can have the weekend to herself without feeling anxious about getting home by six on Sunday to do the work.  She also entertained me and Mike and Jeff with her description of working and learning at hair design school at VCC.  Katie says easily a quarter of the class is ‘spoiled rich bitches who don’t do any work’ and most of the rest don’t have any gumption or ability to work independently.  She took my advice and sized up her colleagues on the first day and sat next to the one with the sweetest face, and now she and Kelly are becoming fast friends and she hangs with a clique of women who really want to be there and are working hard.  If you think hairdressing is easy, try standing for six hours with your arms outstretched…..

There was a skunk in the front yard last night, right at the bottom of the stairs.  Yikes.