City of Lost Children

The movie doesn’t make a great deal of sense, and there’s about ten minutes during which not a lot happens, but I recommend it because:

It’s not a horror film, but the parts that are scary are shudder inducingly creepy; it’s not a comedy but I screamed with laughter three times – and I’ve seen comedies that didn’t made me smile, let alone rock with laughter;

The visuals are INCREDIBLE.  No, I mean it.  The movie is more than 10 years old and it KICKS THE ASS of many films currently being made, despite the improvements in technology.

Ron Perlman is AMAZING.

There are subtexts and concepts in it that would make it impossible to make now in the US;

Despite the slow bit, I was never bored, and it gave me all I demand of a movie and more.

It was made with taxpayer money (French taxpayers, but they got their money’s worth, believe me.)

It is THE BEST STEAMPUNK movie EVER MADE.  Did I mention the visuals?

Highly, highly recommended.

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