News from Elly

NEWS FLASH!!  Doug and I are moving to Toronto as of the new year.  Lotus Land is over for us.  Back to the Big Peach and all of its imperfections, dowdiness, creativity, energy, wealth, intensity, colour, possibilities, people, politics, pollution, noise, music, poetry, intelligence, stupidity, arrogance, humility, joy and really big garbage pails ….and of course, the big draw, my family.


Sad face.  But I’m happy for anybody who’s moving closer to children and grandchildren.

France planning

I called Tammy this morning and got updated on the trip planning, also the various stuff that’s going on with her (I light a candle for her health, which is good, but she has knee surgery in prospect and lives in a three story house).  Today I have to scrape the iron oxide offa my French and compose a letter to the hotel in Paris (shown is the view in front of the hotel, which is on Saint Lazare) asking if we can ditch our bags there because Air Canada in its infinite wisdom has rescheduled our flight.

I’m SO inclined to say screw it to the timeshare in Rouen (actually outside of Rouen) and stick with Paris, which has ZERO tourists in November – it’s all business travellers and locals doing Christmas shopping.  However, the call of Juno Beach, which has a Canadian interpretive center there now, and Calvados and Camembert out Normandy way is too much.

More France planning:  Review all the Dunnett references to Paris and Rouen and places between.

More France planning:  No car in Paris – it would be insane – and Tammy has agreed to book a car in Rouen rather than drive from Paris.  It will be a lot more restful to take a train and getting out of the city will be much easier.

More France planning:  I haven’t a thing to wear!  I definitely need an anorak and some mary jane style shoes.  If I didn’t know every women in France was a size 8, I’d plan on buying clothes there; as it is I’d have about as much luck getting clothes that fit in Richmond.

More France planning… internet access?  I wonder what it’s like at the time share.  I will enquire….