I think this is a brilliant cartoon.

Tonight I’m over at Patricia’s for the cavalcade of cheeseâ„¢ and of course to watch the Biden Palin thing.  Honestly, if we get into a drinking game I’ll be lucky to make VCon.  Fortunately she is my boss, and I guess we’re both adults, so what could possibly go wrong…

Tom is resting uncomfortably but at least there’s no breathing tube happening.

I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night, partly because I knew I was going to be up late two nights running, and also because I couldn’t stay conscious.  Then I woke up at 10, 2 and 4:30.  Maybe if I stayed up later I would sleep more soundly, but virtually everybody I know is complaining about restless sleep these days.

Katie cut my hair last night.  I pronounce myself improved in appearance, although I suppose I should let others decide…

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4 thoughts on “Zombies….”

  1. I think you look gorgeous, but I have always thought that. Tell Katie she can cut mine any time.

  2. You definately look nicer (I think) with the longer hair. Has Katie gone back to school to be a hairdresser?

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