House buying

I have been watching the news, and paying attention to the details of my own life, and I am arriving at the sad conclusion that buying a house in Vancouver is looking increasingly like a stupid idea.  In fact, until the Olympics are paid off – and just as I predicted when we won the fool  things … how can you call it winning when it means grabbing your ankles first to be sexually toyed with and then to give your masters a convenient way of hanging you upsidedown to shake your pockets out – it’s turning into a black hole of corruption and price increases while Gordon’s chosen siphon off the goodies.

So local taxes will skyrocket – in the middle of a depression – and anybody left standing when the second and third waves of layoffs and downsizings will get to pay – and at the same time the government will use it as an excuse to avoid increasing services or even paying for them at all, and why not, everybody who belongs to a union is a socialist anyway, right?

I am going to buy something someplace else. I just haven’t figured out exactly where yet, or when, and there’s lots else I don’t yet know.

Some progress

I have written down another song.  I decided to pick something simple, and so it only took half an hour.  This one is called Staycation, and it’s about the joys of staying home.

Watched Wit last night.  Emma Thompson is a force of nature.  Yes it IS a downer, but such is death.