My feline superior

Miss Margot and I are now in sync about keeping her washed and brushed; she’s agreed to stop pooping on herself, and I’ve agreed to use a much more pleasant and comfy brush.  As a result domestic harmony is much improved.  Now, if she would just stop using Jeff’s computer desk as a jungle gym when he’s trying to work, and then crying piteously outside his door when he casts her into the outer darkness (basically, anywhere where there are no people) life’d be pretty much rocking.

Miss Margot meets WALL-E

Here’s the kitten reacting to WALL-E on my computer screen. When I originally posted this video to YouTube, I made it private to avoid copyright issues. Then I searched YouTube for WALL-E and found loads of others, so I figured what the heck and it’s now public. Which means you can actually watch it.

She’s on my desk right now, making it hard to type and throwing stuff off my desk. Good thing she’s so cute!

The first time I used Speaking Naturally

I said, “Holy Shit!” when it actually wrote down what I was saying.  What it typed was Goalie shipped.  I promptly gave up on speech recognition.

This is pretty funny, and you don’t have to understand computer programming for it to be funny.  Not what what.

1st of 2 parts on NCIS last night… it is a spinoff attempt.  We shall see how lucky the network gets, trying to get that particular piece of tv bonanza to work up some more gelt.

I will be off to Victoria to visit relatives and Dr. Filk, who is also a relative, for part of the weekend. Sometime between now and then I have to finish the homily, and since there is never any time like the present, I will shut this down and see if I can actually integrate Unitarian values with my mother’s garden in some sensible and interesting fashion.

Sunday and various

This essay covers some of the same ground I tried to cover in my homily “Good Atheist, Bad Atheist”.

I’m not sure I would have sent the baby home with that mother, but oh well.

An interesting article about geography and history.

Ew.  I’d never touch my mouse if it looked like this.

Interactive map of US job losses.

Bruce Sterling writes about SF, design and culture.

If you’ve got Twitter sign up with @Veratect – they are keeping track of the swine flu epidemic in realtime.

Speaking of which, here is a link to checklists regarding prepping for a long bout of flu.

Battlestar fest yesterday. I also cleaned off the back deck, changed cat litter and re-read Patrick O’Brian’s Letter of Marque.  Keith is still here.  I’m trying to think of what I want to make for breakfast, and kinda drawing a blank.