food & a brief narrative on narrowly avoiding public mayhem

I cooked me and Jeff salmon fillets poached in coconut milk, with orange slices, pepper, salt and garlic, with a shake of dill, and fresh asparagus and a baked potato.  The leftover asparagus got tossed in with the leftover salmon flavored coconut milk, and then I added in the cooking water, and I’ll rizz the asparagus and coconut milk and then strain it and it will be SOUP.  Nothng wasted.  Tomorrow, many many vegetables, and some mango.

Some teenager is yelling in the alley.

Something really annoying happened to me this morning on the way in to work and it was 15 minutes before I could stop thinking of things I should have done to that motherless wastrel.  I thought of ripping his earplugs out of his ears, knocking his hat off his head, taking his picture, punching him, kneeing him in the groin, getting up in his face and saying Your ancestors would die of shame if dey saw you like dat, and… then I remember that the bus driver saw me interact with him and HONKED HER HORN AND GESTURED IN SOLIDARITY.  Even so, even despite that, “tell it, sister,” all I could think of was how badly I wanted to injure that guy.  All he did was drop his newspaper and refuse to pick it up and take it to the trash.  I ended up doing it for him.  Fuck!

Some teenager is yelling in the alley.

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