Fresh water

We watched the Planet Earth episode on Fresh Water.  I can’t recommend this series highly enough, especially in HD.

I had a couple of good days last week, but I’m all wobbly again.  Spring – work – the weather change.

Egg fried rice for dinner.

My new friend is off in Winnipeg visiting rellies.  We will get together upon his return.

I looked up the words liturgy and worship yesterday to see if they could be used in an atheist context, and guess what, they can!  An atheist liturgy is not only possible, it might even be desirable.

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  1. The profound problem with Planet Earth – really with anything Attenborough ever did but especially this series – is that it sets the bar too high for ALL OTHER nature documentaries. By comparison all the rest while they might be fine with the images are DREADFUL with the script and the narrator.

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