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Cousin Gerald, may he live forever in song, story, fable and myth, emailed me this.

Last night went to Earl’s for a lavish and well irrigated meal with Katie and Wendy.  Wendy is a friend of Katie’s from the Augur Inn days.

I have injured my left foot and left pinky in two separate incidents so I’m walking really oddly and typing rather slowly,

The final song at the singsong Wednesday night was Pretty Little Polly Perkins of Paddington Green, done English music hall style.  The evening also included The Frozen Lover, a gorgeous creature from Catalonia singing a love song of her own composition in Catalan, Un Canadien Errant, an acoustic version of AC DC’s Ride On, and Bob Bossin singing It’s So Nice not to Be in Nanaimo, which is so much a part of the BC psyche that when Bob was introduced to the then Lt Gov Iona Campagnolo, she SANG it to him, and the whole thing started with Sublime’s version of By the Rivers of Babylon. Oh yeah, and I sang the Merman Lover but next time I’ll do something trad with Choruses, like the Eddystone light, because it’s really a group singing experience and I should go with the group.

Katie protected me from a pickpocket on the 99 bus yesterday.

I turned in a steel and diamond men’s ring on the 135 bus the other day.  The bus driver said it was nice of me and I said, apologetically, “Well you know how it is, somebody was watching me” and he burst out laughing.

I’ve changed my route in to work to shake things up a bit.  I go 25 130 135 instead of 25 Skytrain 145.

I’m off to White Rock for a meal with my new friend on Saturday and off to dinner with Paul and kinder tonight, which means I have to remember to bring my mando.

The clinic didn’t get enough blood, apparently, so I have to go back Saturday morning.  Sunday night Guy the finance dude will be by with some paperwork.  At some point Saturday my two new beds will show up and I will have to rent a truck to get the old bed and a bunch of boxes out of here.  I mean, there’s no point, I’ve sadly realized, to having a queen sized bed if I’m not (this part edited out on advice of counsel) and besides it’s just wrong to be sleeping with a computer, so out it must go, which will be easier if there isn’t a person sized space to fill on one half of the bed.

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