Miss Margot meets WALL-E

Here’s the kitten reacting to WALL-E on my computer screen. When I originally posted this video to YouTube, I made it private to avoid copyright issues. Then I searched YouTube for WALL-E and found loads of others, so I figured what the heck and it’s now public. Which means you can actually watch it.

She’s on my desk right now, making it hard to type and throwing stuff off my desk. Good thing she’s so cute!

2 thoughts on “Miss Margot meets WALL-E”

  1. Hi this is for Jeff. Did you see this youtube clip for the perfect circle problem? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnCwo2YuG6c&NR=1

    Allegra, I see Winnie actually watching/studying the TV and I wonder what goes on in her little head. I couldn’t figure out what specifically was getting Miss Margot’s attention — was it Wall-E, the little cochroach or just movement in general??

  2. It’s definitely the motion. She also follows my mouse pointer movements and tries to attack it. When she can’t reach it, she tries to find it behind the monitor.

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