pr0n night in Canada

In honour of Marilyn Chamber’s  untimely death, I watched Behind the Green Door for the first time last night.

Yanno, that was not a bad movie at all – I have to admit I like the old fashioned stuff way better than the new.  I watched with the sound off while there was any dialogue, and when the dialogue quit I turned the sound up and learned that the soundtrack (yes, I mean the music) is awesome.  Who knew?  Anyway, she will always be my favourite pr0n star, and I hope she lives forever on celluloid.  I could go on at great length about the costume Johnny Keyes is wearing (O…. My….Flying Spaghetti Monster), the variety of body types in the audience (unbelievable, by contemporary standards), and various other things about the film, but the thing that really got me is how damned CHEERFUL it was.  Srsly.