Domestic news

Jeff and I have had to come to the painful conclusion that we are not suited to be long term roommates.  I wouldn’t hand this year back for any money, as I’ve mostly had a really good time and seen a pile of wonderful movies and learned a great deal, but we’re kind of headed in two different directions and there’s no denying that I am noisy and ebullient and sociable and scattered by comparison with my brother.  No end date is set yet for our joint household and there’s all kinds of tactical and logistical stuff to deal with, but please be assured that this is a civil situation and we are continuing to look out for each other’s interests as we get closer to moving day.  As neither of us can support this place alone we’ll both be moving out.  It’s a great apartment with fabulous neighbours – anybody who’s interested in it should let me know….

Off to the camp

I inspected the trailer that’s for sale at the camp in White Rock and found that it’s on a cul-de-sac and has a FABULOUS deck and a really nice feel to it.  As for the inside, who the hell knows.  Apparently it leaked but it has a new tin roof and it looks like it was built to withstand a thermonuclear attack.  Spent the night at my new friend’s because we’d all had some beers and it’s a freaking long way back to King George Skytrain station from there.  The water has been turned on and my new friend cooked me breakfast – a really nice omelette – and I had what felt like a gallon of really good coffee.  Then we listened to Little Charlie & the Nightcats’ Deluxe Edition, and my, my, my what a tasty, musically dense and lyrically excellent album that is!

I am not going to retype the paragraph I just lost so let’s just say I had a good time and I’m happy to be home with Miss Margot.