Back to work

I am sure work is going to be dreadful today, but those are the breaks when you run away.  Mike looked after me for a day and a half; he fed me, entertained me, let me noodle around on his Larrivee parlour guitar, and look at the moon through noctilucent clouds.  Words cannot describe his kindness to me.  He also drove me around to check out the new/old house.  So strange, so very strange, to be walking up to a house and seeing the window John helped Paul put in his room so he had some natural light in his bedroom.

I’ll get the back bedroom upstairs, Jeff will get the front; there are two bathrooms, a carport, a huge deck, a place to put the barbecue and hang the hammock, and a little workshop.  It’s a LOT more house for the same amount of money, we’re getting the best landlords in history, and we’ll have room for all of our stuff, for a change.  Kim’s going to call us when the house is ready and we’ll start moving.  Wow! We’ll be able to get all the stuff out of storage!  That will be bizarre.  And Jeff can have his pinballs, that will be most excellent.  We will be walking distance from Mike, Tom and Peggy and Planet Bachelor (and who knows how long Keith and Paul are going to keep living there, given that the house appears to be for sale, off and on, so I don’t know how long that will last) and those are all good things.

I am figuring the back bedroom in the basement for the music room.  The only thing the current digs have that the other place doesn’t is a dishwasher, but I think we will fix that.  Also, I’ve fallen back into the dreaded east Burnaby hole in the Transit, so I’ll be LONGER getting to work in the morning even though I am physically closer.  Sheesh.  I just ran the numbers and if I want to get to work on time I must catch the 7:13 every morning without fail.  I also just remembered that I’ll be on a bus route which completely stops running in bad weather.  Work from home!  Work from home!

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