Just a little choked with the landlord

I really don’t feel like paying any more rent.  The landlord just moved everything off the back deck and started ripping down the back porch – two weeks of banging and inconvenience, and the cats will be fucking crazy by the time it’s all over.  I’ve come to rue not going in to work today.  Paul and his sisters don’t need any of my help so I’m just sitting around crying.  Yes, Lois and Ruth are in town, I have no idea when I’ll see them, and I shouldn’t bother them right now as they have mountains of crap to deal with.

Anyway, he said he’d cover the gas bill.  Mmmm.  I think they’ll be covering more than that before this is all over.  Now I’m off to inspect the first house I lived in when I moved to Vancouver, as it is for rent soon.  A whole house, for what we’re paying now.

So long.

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