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Ruth cooked a fabulous meal which Jeff and I joined in at chez Planet Bachelor, I wrote some checks for the new place, got keys, and fell in love with the newly finished hardwood floors.  I am SO looking forward to moving in.

Miss Margot continues her inexorable march into the annals of oddball kitty history.  Earlier this week, according to Jeff, he heard her mewing.  Normally she makes a noise which is less than ten decibels… really she is one of the quietest cats ever.  But in this case, it was a full bore mew and she was obviously exercised about something.  Jeff followed the noise into the living room where he discovered Miss Margot sitting in front of the television.  She continued to mew, and kept alternating staring at the blank tv and mewing and eyeballing Jeff. He turned the TV on. Success! She watched for a while, and then got bored and walked away.

What kind of cat ASKS for the TV to be turned on?  I know she likes hockey.  Gosh she’s a bizarre one.

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  1. Well, not a lot more bizarre than Bounce sitting and watching football with me.

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