First 4 verses – I really like Jayne

Oh the curve of her cheek is rare
And the sound of her voice makes you just not care
She has got a love for hire
And she knows where to find you
She’ll shine that light and blind you
She surely knows her stuff about desire.

For a good man he’s awful bad
For a bad man he’s awful good
Priorities are understood
He’s got his ship and his crew
He knows exactly what to do
When he’s bitten off way more than he should

He can fly anything that can be flown
And you haven’t seen a thing until you’ve seen him in the zone
Crazy Ivans just for fun
Hitting bullseyes in the dark
Is something he’ll do for a lark
And he’ll blow your mind twice more before he’s done

Well he wasn’t hired on for his brain
More for the occasions letting Vera off the chain
Not exactly Mr. Tact
But a demon in a fight and he doesn’t travel light
And it’s good to have that muscle at your back

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