Shaddyr is the interfilk guest of honour at OVFF.  I am ‘assisting’ her with her concert, which means that either I shut up completely while she performs a song which needs no assistance, noodle on the mandolin, play guitar so she can really get into interpreting the song (also giving the carpals a break), or sing along with.

I talk about going to rehearse, but I haven’t said much about her, and I’d like to.  Mention should first be made that she is awesome… smart, big-hearted, hospitable, tolerant without being a pushover, funny without ever being mean-spirited, and an absolute joy to play with.  We haz fun, get better, and then there’s tea and talk.  Friday night rehearsals have come to mean a lot to me, and I’m very glad that after OVFF there’s my own concert to plan at Conflikt V because it means we’ll still have an excuse to plan.  Set list ahoy!

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