committing consumerism

Drove Keith to the Main Station for work and then mounted a dawn assault (well, 10 am on a Saturday) on the Fluevog flagship store.  (Did you know John Fluevog is a Burnaby Boy?) Scored parking right outside and then bought Katie a stunning pair of black heeled boots and I got two more pairs of ‘vogs, one being a buckle up number in sage green (which was just over 100 dollars because I pointed out to the salesman that the toe caps seemed to be from two different dye lots) and t’other being flat black boots made of unbelievably soft leather.  The salesman was petting the leather and making happy noises which cracked me up.  Thanks Wesley!  Katie had trouble believing that heels could be so comfy, and I had trouble with the price tag, but I told her I’d buy her anything in the store that she liked and fit her, so I’m happy to be doing that.  I am tired of her always wearing trashy shoes and frankly so is she.

We also poked our heads into Nood and JUST LIKE IS TYPICAL OF MY FAMILY Katie made straight for the most expensive item in the store (a $1700 fiberglass 3/4 circle chair in white and royal red – think Austin Powers).  I read her the price tag and she leaped up like her ass was on fire.  I fell in love with a very beautiful dresser that was actually a good deal for $800 (beautifully made and designed with MANY different shapes and depths of drawers!) but stuck to the mission of shoeness.

The rest of the day I’m going to do laundry and let my debit card cool off. Possibly, I will make HATS for CATS.

I have come up with the name of my steampunk band, Mission Dirigible.  It’s imaginary, but awesome.