Woke up at 1, back to sleep at 2:30

Up again at 6:30, after a dream during which a cop with a hot dog stand style radar gun pulled me over and I said to him in annoyance “My car is supposed to go fast”. And then I woke up.

Weather is pleasant today, with many many crows.

Katie and Jeff and I had a very pleasant evening.

There’s going to be a Housefilk at Casa Libra!  I loves me those folks, the last housefilk over there was stunningly awesome.  And resulted in Jeff and I getting Al Jazeera in the house, so it’s amazing how the tentacles of filk affect all of my daily life.

The Bean is walking! Also climbing, chortling and being a very mobile Beanpie.  I am looking forward to my next chance to chase after him.

Poor Tanya, my coworker.  She’s got a pinched nerve in her back and is feeling dreadful.  All I can say is thank god it’s slow on the phone or it would be insane around here.  Hope she’s back on Monday but if not I hope she feels better soon.

Katie gave me a new top that wasn’t fitting her properly and I’m wearing it to work today.  She’s going to go look at another apartment tonight.  She has started to take my advice about dressing up to go look at apartments.  Yeah, kid, your mother ain’t a total frikkin’ moron, but whatever.

I leave you with cute video… http://icanhascheezburger.com/2012/01/05/funny-pictures-videos-cat-and-deer-snuggle/