Lovely New Years

Katie dropped by briefly at Mike’s place before partying elsewhere; Paul and Keith and Jeff and I hung out for a while.  We basically laughed, ate, talked and drank.  Just before midnight Keith and Jeff headed out on foot; just after midnight Paul gave me a lift home.  It was all very convivial and relaxed.  Tom U was there!  it was so nice to see him.  I took bubbly and coconut curry chicken with onions and taters in a crock pot as well as two six packs of beer. Other folks provided fresh cooked salmon with tons o garlic, awesome corn bread, lasagna, meatballs etc.  Trent thanked me for cooking something with no added salt as he isn’t supposed to have any.  He also gave me underwear (but I forgot it at Mike’s).  (He gave some to all the women – it’s folded and packaged to look like a rose.  Katie pounced on hers and pronounced it awesome.)

Today there’s the New Years drop in at Cindy’s place which will involve music and singing and playing and yummy cookies.  Also lots of boring laundry and cleaning before I go.

I consulted the tarot about which vice to attack this year and the result was an extremely annoying “Whichever is the most burdensome, and you have a few to choose from, have fun, and quit whinging.”  Sometimes I wonder about that deck.  Anyway, it’s clear to me what it was trying to tell me and I’m just pouty.