Despite the fact that I’m home icky sick and can’t stop coughing


In ¾ time

The stated goal of SGC is acquiring alien tech
For which we risk our hearts and minds
Not just our pretty necks
Woolsey and Kinsey on the earth
The Gou’ald in space to vex
But I know it’s true, and I know you do too
What’s going to happen next

In polka time

Creeping down a hallway x2
Creeping down a hallway, a P90 in my arms
Did you bring enough grenades (yes sir)
Did you bring enough C4 (indeed)
Blowing shit up real good always helps esprit de corps
Creeping down a hallway x2
Creeping down a hallway, a P90 in my arms


My name is Daniel Jackson I dig artifacts from dirt
My heart is soft, my head is not, I help the lost and hurt
My love life isn’t much these days, it’s mostly with Death I flirt
My newfound badassery fights Goa’uld asshattery and so I stay alert

When I’m
Jack did you bring more grenades, Sam did you bring more C4?
Teal’c blow up that mothership and make Apophis roar!

My name is Sheppard, look at all the troubles that I’ve got
I woke the Wraith and now my days are quite intense and fraught
Rodney saves my bacon though, his timing sure hits the spot
But I know it’s true and I know you do to, how we advance the plot

Did you bring enough grenades, did you bring enough C4?
Don’t turn off the gravity, the ceiling’s now the floor!

If violence is not the answer why bring Greer along?
He needs his CO (badly) to determine right from wrong
All he wants is guns to shoot and heads to beat like a gong
He wants to turn Rush into colourful mush, but he is keeping strong

Are you really there at all? Are you who you say?
Pencil necks and aliens keep getting in my way!